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                            Requirements And Technical Problems In Heat Treatment Production Of Wind Power Gearbox

                            Author:Xihua Casting Wind Power Gearbox click:894
                            Considering The Harsh Working Conditions And High Technical Requirements Of The Wind Power Gearbox, It Should Pay More Attention To The Heat Treatment Of Its Materials, So As To Ensure The Fatigue Strength And Processing Accuracy Of The Products, Which Also Has A Positive Effect On The Extension Of The Service Life Of The Wind Power Gearbox. On The One Hand, Due To The Frequent Changes Of Wind Load And Impact On The Gearbox, Fretting Pitting Often Occurs On The Surface Of The Gearbox And Causes Early Failure, Which Is Related To The Contact Accuracy And The Physical And Metallurgical Factors Of Hardened Surface. On The Other Hand, Due To The Large Gearing Ratio Of The Gearbox, The Way Of Combining Parallel Transmission And Planetary Transmission Is Adopted. In Order To Improve The Strength, Stability And Reliability Of The Transmission And Reduce The Size And Weight Of The Planetary Gears, The Internal Gear Ring Is Also Required To Adopt The Carburizing, Quenching And Grinding Process. In Order To Meet The Heat Treatment Requirements Of The Wind Power Gearbox, In Addition To Improving The Quality Level Of The Products, It Is Also Necessary To Understand The Special Requirements In The Heat Treatment Production Of The Fan Gearbox, Which Not Only Promotes The Improvement Of The Heat Treatment Process Level Of The Wind Power Gearbox, But Also Opens Up A New Product Market. In The Process Of Heat Treatment Of Wind Power Gearbox, Deformation, Especially Carburizing And Quenching Deformation, Is A Major Technical Problem In Product Production. The Main Reason Why The Deformation Of Wind Power Gearbox Is Difficult To Control Is That There Are Too Many Factors Affecting Deformation, And These Control Factors Also Involve Many Disciplines, Processes, Departments, Links And Production Costs. In Order To Produce High-quality Wind Power Gearbox, No Matter Heat Treatment Is Required According To The Requirements, Equipment And Technology Must Be Correctly Selected To Minimize The Occurrence Of Heat Treatment Deformation, So That The Wind Power Gearbox Can Play A Better Role In The Wind Power System.